Thursday, 7 April 2011

♥♥ Lovely Paper Clay Collage Pendant ♥♥

Already for one months since I learn and practice how to work with paper clay material. The result is great, I kind addicted to it ♥☺. For the first time maybe I have some difficulties to shape it, but HEY! PRACTICE MADE PERFECT! Now I made jewelry beads and pendant from it, I also made some paper clay dolls. I thing it can be good for jewelry pendant too ☺. Paper clay is air dries material (no baking!) it can be molded, sculpted and shaped. You can made the paper clay by your self or you can just buy already pack paper clay at your crafts shop near you.

Here an example of paper clay which already in packed and ready to use. Its an American product, find they tip and techniques more by visit their website.
Below you can find the pendant that I made from paper clay, I named it Vintage Queen B pendant. The material that I used are collage, polymer clay flower cabochon, metalized plastic bead. I finished it with diamond jewelry coating finished. The measurement are 3.5 x 1.24 inches when finished. If you " love" it, you can purchased it by visit my etsy shop.

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